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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions


Q: I’m nervous about my boudoir session, is this normal?
A lot of my previous clients are nervous in front of camera fully clothed. So of course it’s normal initially to be nervous about shooting a boudoir session. However I will be your guide. I will properly prepare you for your shoot via consultations, and turn that nervousness into excitement. I will teach you relaxation techniques and confidence boosting skills that will not only work for your boudoir session, but also your life. I will also tell you how to pose for your best angles.  


Q: I don’t have any modeling or photo shoot experience, can you still work with me?
I have shot over 500 people who have never had a photoshoot before. I pride myself in making sure you are prepared and confident before the shoot, and give you expert advice, and guidance throughout the shoot to make sure we highlight your best angles, and features.


Q:What if I’m not confident about my appearance?
My gift in life is seeing the beauty in people and things that others typically don’t see. I’m confident that I can show you a perspective that you will fall in love with and that’s why I offer my money back guarantee. 

Q: Do you shoot other styles of Photography?

I have traveled the world shooting all types of photography. I’ve shot for various charities, intimate  private celebrity events, ads for Disney, images for Playboy, and Maxim. However I get the most fulfillment from making everyday women look and feel confident and sexy. While I’ll occasionally shoot other types of photography if the project speaks to my heart, I love specializing in my boudoir work. 

Q: Who is the most famous Person you have shot.
Barack Obama 

Q: Where does the shoot take place?
Our boudoir session will take place at my  beautiful condo in Brentwood, Los Angeles. Experience has shown that it is a lot easier for clients to relax in a comfortable home than in a studio.


Q. How long is the shooting process?
You will be in hair and makeup for an average of an hour and a half. The shoot itself takes about an hour and a half to about 3 hours depending on how many wardrobe changes, and series you want to shoot.


Q: I have stretch marks, can you retouch them?
About 95% of the women I have shot have stretch marks. Stretch mark and scar removal, and acne retouching is part of my magazine quality retouching, and is included in your package.” Visit our Retouching gallery to show you some of the retouching magic.


Q: What should bring to the photo shoot?
This varies depending on your style and your series results. We will go over everything you need to bring during consultations.


Q. Will My photos be posted anywhere? 
We take our client’s privacy very seriously, we treat you just like we treat our celebrity clientele, we don’t even ask to post your photos. If you would like to be featured, you will need to ask, and if your photos add to the portfolio we will consider posting you with your written consent.


Q: I have a go to hair stylist, and a go to makeup artist. Can they glam me up for the our boudoir session?
Our carefully selected artist are world class talent,  with an immense amount of experience with making sure you look amazing for your shoot. However if you only trust you go to artist we respect that. Share some of their work with us, and if we agree that it is a good match, we can work them on board.




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